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Behavioral Safety Programs (Safety Observation Cart) may solve many everyday tasks


The BST Health Safety and Environmental Department (HSE), which consists of a group that carefully analyzes each observations card collected at the end of each week, to prevent or solve any problems. This work is supported by management and the company's managers, who represent a wide range of interests to address the raised issues. This includes addressing the safety of employees in the workplace, in accordance with our primary goal and motto of “No One Gets Hurt and Nothing Gets Harmed."


These boxes of observations cards can also evaluate the various types of complaints and suggestions and guide the company to quickly evaluate and solve problems or suggestions bearing in mind whether or not the complaint or suggestion offered a reasonable solution.


We want to make it clear, "Safety Observation Cards” help in identifying violations of Safety roles, the decision and the prevention of unplanned events and incidents are displayed during each Terminal Safety Meeting.





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