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Black Sea Terminal’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) was founded in November 2007 for the operative reaction to emergency situations.


It consists of 38 employees. ERT is equipped with two fire trucks and full equipment sets for the elimination of oil spills. Each command staff has successfully passed comprehensive training courses encompassing all directions of its activities (firefighting, rescue, oil spill response and others) and at present, executes its duties on a high-level.


During the past period, the ERT of the BST together with the Fire Brigade of the Khobi region has participated in extinguishing forest fires in order to help local people and to prevent environmental impact.  


To maintain emergency preparedness, the ERT carries out daily internal training courses on the suppression of various fires and the mitigation of emergency situation consequences. 


Emergency Response Drills periodically conducted together with the Operations Department and various emergency scenarios have been simulated to increase preparedness.


An Emergency Response Drill Reporting System has been implemented and actions based on emergency drill outcomes have been discussed as an integral part of management meetings. The status of actions has been tracked via the Action Tracking meetings.


Firefighting tactical drills and courses periodically provided for Emergency Response Team members are as per scheduled.




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