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The health team protects and supervises the health of the employees of Kulevi Oil Terminal.


The reception of patients and injured persons at a medical station providing first-aid has been organized.


A new ambulance equipped with all the necessary equipment to provide first aid and emergency response is at the health team’s disposal. The presence of the ambulance eliminates the possibility of loss of time during emergency situations. In addition, the patient can be hospitalized by the medical emergency group under the support of medical insurance company.


The health team also cooperates with the insurance company during medical examination of employees and candidates.


The medical certification and recertification of employees of Kulevi Oil Terminal is organized and monitored in accordance with Georgian law and the requirements of the HR Department.


Divers are provided medical check-ups at the medical station before they undergo underwater operations.


To improve medical response times, first aid kits are strategically located throughout the terminal. The health team inspects and maintains these first-aid boxes monthly. There are also eye washer stations located throughout the terminal’s work areas for eye emergencies.



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