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The Health Team has been part of the HSEQ Department since the opening of Kulevi Oil Terminal.

Purpose of the Health Team:

  1. To protect and supervise the health of employees.
  2. Medical control of candidates before employment at the terminal under the auspices of the insurance company.
  3. To supervise the sanitary and hygiene conditions of the workplace.
  4. To supervise the sanitary and hygiene conditions of cafeterias.
  5. Coordination of sanitary and hygiene work.
  6. To supervise the quality of potable water.
  7. To oversee the sanitary-hygienic awareness of employees
  8. To enrich the knowledge of employees regarding first-aid.
  9. To carry out random alcohol testing for employees of BST.

The health team regularly inspects the sanitary and hygienic conditions of the work place, as well as monitors its compliance to company hygiene norms.
Based on the recommendation of the health team, sanitary inspections are carried out regularly: “disinfection, disinsection and deratization” is carried out on the terminal’s work premises by the contracted sanitary company under the monitoring of the health team.
Special attention is paid to food hygiene. The health team oversees the sanitary and hygiene conditions of canteen facilities and their employees, food product quality, condition and time of their storage, as well as the food preparation process.

The health team also manages the energy value of the food and the sufficiency of the calories in the food consumed by employees. Our employees are provided 1 700 to 2 200 kilocalories per meal.
The standard daily rate of calories for the men ranges from 2 800 to 4 500 kcal and 1 200 to 3 000 kcal for women.

The drinking water at Kulevi Oil Terminal is monitored by the control of organoleptic parameters, daily analysis in the Kulevi Terminal laboratory and regular research in external accredited testing laboratories. The health team doctors ensure the timely arrangement of all necessary measures to keep drinking water in accordance with the sanitary requirements under Georgian law.  

The health team regularly carries out training courses for the employees of Kulevi Oil Terminal, the canteen and contractors, to improve their knowledge of sanitary norms, and their awareness of first aid techniques and skills.

The health team regularly participates in safety meetings for employees of the terminal and contractors regarding the personal and industrial sanitary hygiene in oil industries.

The health team is actively involved in the implementation of the company’s drug and alcohol abuse policy, by conducting random alcohol tests- especially during suspicious incidents.



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