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Kulevi Port (42°16'N, 041°38'E) is located at the mouth of the Khobi River, and the Kulevi settlement meets the sea at a distance of 17 km to the north of Poti Port.


The depths in the mouth sites of the Enguri, Khobi and Rioni Rivers vary due to shifting sediments and the constant sea stream directed from the south to the north up to 0.4 - 0.6 knots.


The grounds in the coastal zone up to the 10 m contour line contain silt with fine sand, and in the sea zone there is dense silt with fine sand, clay, and broken shells.


The Khobi River mouth area averages 27 days of fog per year.


Visibility is mainly good. A visibility range of more than 5 miles is observed in 91% of cases. In 68% of cases, the visibility range is about 10 miles. The transmissivity of the atmosphere Т = 0.74.


The entering channel begins with natural depths and proceeds up to mooring №1. The length of the channel is 2.3 miles; its width at the bottom is 160 m, with a depth of 15.5 m.


The maneuvering space is used for a swinging. The diameter of the swinging room (swinging pool) is 500 m, which is settled on the distance of 800 m from mooring №1.


The operational space meets the conditions for the safe maneuvering of vessels in narrow pools with a one-way location of moorings. The width of the operational space is 210 m.


Moorings - №1 for reception of vessels by deadweight 115,000 t, №2 for reception of vessels by deadweight 40,000 t and №3 for vessels of auxiliary.


Anchorages - the area №200 is located on the outer roads of port Poti, at a distance of 5 miles on the south from the mouth of the Khobi River.


Pilot - Compulsory Vessels expect pilotage in the area of №200. With the help of the VTS operator, the pilot meets the vessel at the receiving buoy 2.8 miles to NW from the extremity of mooring №1.

Communication with the VTS operator and the pilot is carried out on VHF (channel 73).


Navigation aids provide for the navigation of vessels entering the channel in the daytime. Navigation orientation is carried out with the help of the complex use of coastal and floating aids of navigation. The entering channel is equipped with a sector light beacon - PEL-6-10D, fixed on an axis of the channel and a floating protecting buoy, exposed on the outer limit of the fairway on Lateral System (IALA) - Region A «red to port side». Swinging pool and the deep space of port are protected by special buoys.




For the provision of the complex system of safe navigation of tankers on the channel and to moorings of the terminal, the VTS - NAVI HARBOUR of port Kulevi was created, and includes the following equipment and elements:


-        Radar station - Bridge Master-E with the radar processor;

-        The registrar VHF VTS Audio;

-        Server reference data VTS (VTS Information System);

-        Server VTS;

-        The equipment of operator VTS - Monitor TFT 24 ", the PC of the workstation, the specialized keyboard of operator VTS, Software operators display module Navy Harbour;

-        System of TV observation VTS consisting of – CCTV camcorder VTS of 120 mm, with rotator and control panel, TV monitor TFT 20 ", observation registrar (CCTV);

-        Base station DGPS Trimble DCM232;

-        Base station Transas Redundant UAIS;

-        VHF VTS - ICOM-M602 and ICOM-А110 for communication with aircrafts;

-        Coastal station GMDSS A1- 16/70 channel -2x RT4160, DSC modem T500.





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