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 Berth type:


 Designed for:

 AFRAMAX type tankers

 Normal Security level:



 300 m

 Max depth:

 15 m


 Max. sailing draft:

 For the ships of 249.96 mis. 12.5 m in BW (density 1,0021)

 Max. beam:

 No special requirements

 Max. air draft:

 No special requirements

 Tidal restriction:

 No special requirements

 High power lines:


 Mooring operations



 Towage lines:

 Ship line to be used

 Synthetic mooring lines:


 Wire mooring lines:


 Night-time berthing:

 Not Permitted

 Night-time un-berthing:



 To be supplied by tanker / port side

 Cargo operations

 Side alongside:

 Port side

 Connection type:

 3 x 16" (inches) loading arms

 Grade of cargo handled:

 Diesel Oil / CO / Fuel oil

 Loading rate:

 Diesel Oil - 4000 m3/h; CO - 12000 m3/h; Fuel oil - 8000 m3/h

 Max. back pressure:

 6 kg/cm2

 Slops reception:

 Available slops quantity to be advised 48 hrs prior to the ship's arrival

 Fresh water supply:

 Ex shore line - via agent

 Shore leave:

 Available. Shore leave permission to be obtained via Agent

 Crew change:


 Launch service:

 Available. In case of necessity - via Agent

 Medical service:

 Available - via Agent


 Removal is free of charge

 Marine technical service:

 Available - via Agent





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