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Sewage Treatment System

Domestic sewage water is intended for disposal of sewage waters from the buildings of the terminal and berth to the biological treatment facilities:

  • Gravity sewage network from cast-iron pipes;
  • SLS collector systems with the depth of supply collector 2.0 m and installation of submerged pumps “FLYGT”;
  • Purification Skid- “БИОКС-100” with nominal process capacity of 100 m3/day;
  • Treated water collection pond with a capacity of 2 000 m3


Oily Water Treatment


With a capacity of 80 m3/h. 1920 m3/day and the rainwater sewage system, designed for discharge of the contaminated rainwater and process sewage from the building and structure of the terminal:

  • Gravity pipelines made of cast iron;
  • SLS collector systems for sewage transfer with powerful pumps “FLYGT”;
  • Vertical, aboveground surge/settlement vessels 2 x 1 000 m3;
  • Oily water treatment facility- “INSTEB -2.3M”;
  • 4 Chemical/gravity treatment flotation unites 20m3/h;
  • 8 sand/carbon 3 stage filtration sets 10m3/h;
  • Treated water collection pond with a capacity of 2 000 m3;
  • The rainwater sewage system 2 (Two) collection/settlement pond systems, 3 (three) different size 1 000 x 4 000 x 1 000 M3 in a series connected in below- ground concrete basins.

* The Accumulated and treated water is used for terminal operational demand or discharged to the environment (Tsiva River) according the terminal’s environmental impact assessment document and the Georgian code of Waters requirements.


Water Production, Treatment and Distribution


The source of the supply of the sea terminal with utility and drinking water is from urban water supply system and, as reserve, the artesian wells with water discharge of 8-10 l/sec (2 wells and transfer pumps, 60 m3/h).  Water is supplied to the site of the water supply facilities of the terminal by the flow line DN 90 mm.

The complex of utility and drinking water supply includes:


  • Utility and drinking water reservoirs with a capacity of 300 m3 each (2 pcs.);
  • Absorbing filters (2 pcs.) first stage filtration;
  • Water tower with a capacity of 25 m3 and a height of post 18 m;
  • Fully automated water pump station with:
    • 2 pumps for water supply for utility and drinking purpose of К 80-50-200(а) model with electrical engine 4АМ 132*М2 N= 11 KV, capacity  40 m3/h, water pressure 40 m (1 working, 1 standby);
    • 2 pumps for water supply for internal firefighting of buildings of К 80-50-200 model with electrical engine 4АМ 160S2 N=15 KV, capacity 37 m3/h, water pressure  55 m(1 working, 1 standby);


Drinking water purification unit, nominal production capacity 3 m3/h. and 20 T. stainless still storage tank.

  • The unit is equipped with complex innovative filtration units, such as a multimedia filter set, a carbon filter set, water softener set, reverse osmoses filter set, chemical injection sets for water quality adjustment and disinfection;
  • Drinking water distribution network and day tanks for various locations (hotel, canteen, administrative building);
  • Drinking/tap water parameters are acceptable according to the order from the Minister of Labor, Health, Social Affairs of Georgia, № 349 n/2007.

Steam Generation, heating systems:


Boiler room No32 is equipped with 2 units of automated complete Noviter stationary steam generating units each with 8 megawatt capacity and 24.4 t/h. steam production, designed to ensure the supply of steam and hot water for the technological needs of the facility, as well as the heating of terminal buildings and facilities.


Boiler room No33 is equipped with 2 units of steam boilers of Ercelik and Erensan production, with steam production for each of 16000 kg/h.


Boiler room No33a is equipped with 1 unit of steam boiler of Ercelik production, with steam production of 16000 kg/h.


Boiler units are equipped with fully automated burners operating on fuel oil and diesel fuel with infinite power control; each boiler is equipped with de-aeration tanks, blowdown system and economizer equipment for increasing the power efficiency. 

Water treatment equipment includes water softening Na-cation exchangers with automatic regeneration and pumps for the dosage of chemicals in order to keep to the neutral value of water рН, steam and hot water distribution steel pipeline network.

Steam generator packages supply 8 steam/water exchangers for hydrocarbon heat-up and facility heating systems.


In addition, hotel of the terminal is equipped with its own steam generator package for heating purposes.



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