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BST Operation Strategy is set up for the development of the main guidelines to ensure the effectiveness of operational activities.


The main target of BST Operational Strategy is to achieve successful operation - which entails the performance of operational activities in a safe manner and with high efficiency.


The Operational Strategy’s tools:



Safe Performanceof BST Operations isimplemented and continuously improved via the following management tools:


  • Permit to work (PTW) - covered by the BST Safe Operating System (SOS);
  • Operating procedure;
  • Method statement;
  • Standing instruction;
  • Operation reliability;
  • Area ownership.
  • Chemical handling;
  • LO/LC valves control;
  • Override control. 



Keeping hydrocarbon products in the pipes is the main goal of the Operation Integrity policy. The main tools to achieve those targets are:


  • Leak testing;
  • Process isolation;
  • Disturbed joints monitoring.
  • Hose management.
  • Corrosion control
  • Preventive maintenance


Plant monitoring is a critical aspect of operation strategy quality and affects:


  • Near miss prevention;
  • Equipment damage and process failure prevention
  • Loss prevention.


Key elements of Engineering Support include:


  • Engineering modifications policy;
  • Certification control;
  • Handover policy;
  • Technical document control;
  • Pipe work/ Equipment identification;
  • External communication with technical authorities;
  • Set up BST internal training program, participation in operation supervisors’ technical competency improvement.



The Certification policy is based on:


  • Equipment/material certification;
  • Handover certification;
  • Competency certification.


Railway operations efficiency shall be ensured via compliance with the applicable local and international standards and the effective planning of railway operations, as well as the implementation of the appropriate maintenance standards.


Communication is a critical aspect of Operation Strategy and considers good communication established within the Operation Department and with other departments




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