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Congratulations on Oil Workers Day!

Establishment of this professional day is connected with another remarkable event in the history of Azerbaijan. on September 20, 1994, an agreement on productional sharing of oil was signed in Azerbaijan and Azeri–Chirag–Deepwater Gunashli complex of oil fields entered into history as the "Contract of the Century”, it played an important activating role in the revival and rapid development of the oil and gas sector of Azerbaijan. It defines the main directions of Azerbaijan's energy strategy.


Since the first year of its operation, Kulevi Oil Terminal has been celebrating the Oil worker’s day and taking important steps towards popularizing this profession.


Despite many difficulties, Black Sea Terminal has been able to achieve significant success in the shortest possible time from 2008 to the present day, to make production and technological processes interesting and diverse, serve solid volumes of various types of petroleum products and earn a reputation as a worthy partner. As a result of tireless work, the infrastructure has been expanded, new lines and automated systems have been introduced, cargo turnover is systematically increasing, working environment and social conditions are consistently improving. With their tireless work and dedication, company employees have made and continue to put efford for great future.


To celebrate Oil Worker’s Day - September 20, a large group of employees were honored for their work by awarding cash bonuses and letters of appreciation for their contribution towards the development of the company and for the successes achieved in their work. The management congratulated every person working in the company on their professional holiday, wished them to overcome new heights, achieve success and thanked them for their qualified, effective work. The hope and faith was expressed that Black Sea Terminal LLC will successfully overcome all the challenges in its activities in the future, and every day work will be more fruitful and focused only on high efficiency in order to constantly, firmly be in the ranks of successful companies.

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