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First Aid Training

Taking into account the diverse production processes carried out at the Terminal it is necessary for the employees to possess skills used in case of any serious health issues, within the framework of first aid and before receiving qualified medical assistance will ensure the reduction of complications caused by injury as much as possible.


Hence, a training session on the topic: "First aid training course" was planned and organized at Kulevi Oil Terminal. The training was conducted on site and was led by a highly qualified representative of the certified company. Teaching included both theoretical and practical activities.


Updated skills and acquired knowledge will allow each employee, during any incident occurring in the work process, to use opportunities and provide minimum first aid to reduce and/or eliminate expected health risks.


It should be noted that taking into account various issues, the process of training and development of employees in Black Sea Terminal has an irreversible character and is ongoing and will ultimately have a positive impact on a safe working environment and productivity of employees. 

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