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Updating the Industrial Safety Certificate of Kulevi Oil Terminal

Recently representatives of specialized inspecting body INDEX LLC have visited Kulevi Oil Terminal for periodical technical inspection of terminal’s facilities. The purpose of the inspection is to establish the compliance with a technical regulation of the government of Georgia on safe operation of the oil bases.


In frames of the technical inspection, the process and maintenance procedures, schedules and plans were checked for updates. Equipment, buildings and structures were visually inspected for their compliance with industrial safety requirements. Plans, schedules and documentation related to the power supply, thunder protection, grounding, electrical safety, firefighting and oil spill response activities were evaluated for sufficiency.


During the inspection no discrepancies were identified and Kulevi Oil Terminal has been allowed for the further exploitation. Correspondingly, the Industrial Safety Certificate, issued by the same inspection body in 2021, has been updated and prolonged until the next technical inspection.

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