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Employee Performance Management at Black Sea Terminal

Employee performance appraisal is an important function for personnel management, selecting the right candidate, and conducting employee assessments. The main purpose of an employee assessment is to measure the effectiveness of the work performed by the employee. This can be seen as a process of determining compliance with established policies and worker expectations.


The annual employee performance appraisal at Black Sea Terminal has three main functions:


Informative - Informing the employee about the quality of his/her work, which defines both their strengths and weaknesses and recommendations for further improvement.


Motivational - A positive evaluation of employee performance helps motivate the employee to achieve higher results and set future goals.


Administrative - Given the results of the evaluation, management has the ability to rotate employees (promotion, demotion) or terminate the employee.


in 2021, Black Sea Terminal successfully passed the process of annual employee performance appraisal, which not only covered the performance of individual employees over a period of time, but also their performance over the entire year. The main focus was on the professional and qualification characteristics, the complexity and volume of the work to be performed, the efficiency of the performance, employee personal roles and responsibilities in the process of fulfilling company objectives and targets, organizational skills, as well as teamwork habits.


Managers conducted the evaluations to benefit both employees and the productivity of the business process. The appraisal system provides employees with feedback about their performance and measures the goals that were accomplished.  


As a result of the evaluation process, the following goals were achieved:


  • Employee compliance
  • Identified employee potential skills and opportunities for career growth
  • Determination of training needs
  • Determining the need for professional development and retraining


Employee evaluations allowed Black Sea Terminal to identify a large group of hard-working, high-performing employees who are distinguished by their knowledge, skills and ability to execute their work at a high level. We also identified employees who improved their assessment criteria during the reporting year, but still need to develop in some areas. These employees were provided recommendations on how to improve their skill sets, increase their labor productivity and achieve better results.

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