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Black Sea Terminal supports local youth

Along with its business activities, Black Sea Terminal (BST) management takes its corporate and social responsibilities seriously and understands the need for harmonious management and the role of social and cultural development in the surrounding region.    


The company is cognizant of the problems and challenges of local youths in the region and is motivated to help them in their personal development, realization of sports activities and cultural events.   


One of the many projects supported by BST is a local football club whose financial problems have put their future in stake.    


BST is providing financial support to the football club, which has in turn increased the motivation of the young people to achieve their goals. BST is making sure that these youths have every opportunity to make use of their potential and lead a healthy life.


According to the municipality mayor and the football club’s management, through BST support, more youngsters have come forward with interest in sports activities and have spent a significant amount of their free time on the playground and training intensely. They are eagerly waiting their chance to prove themselves by playing for the club in the future and in the presence of their fans. 


Black Sea Terminal will continue to support projects and activities that will help young people fulfill their dreams.

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