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Caring for each employee

Creating a safe work environment is a major priority for the management of Black Sea Terminal (BST). Work in this direction is systemic, regular and continuous. Industrial-technological processes are carried out and infrastructure is developed in accordance with all rules and  requirements of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), which makes workplace safety possible.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company's management has shown great responsibility and effort. The recommendations and regulatory requirements set by the government have been fully implemented. Among the many important issues, one of the most important was the provision of quality food to the employees.


Although BST has a public catering facility equipped with modern equipment and developed infrastructure, it has become necessary to change its operating procedure and continue the process of remote delivery of ready-made-meals to employees. The process was monitored by a appointed company officials.


As the pandemic situation in the country improved, it was on the agenda to prepare the catering facility in accordance with the new regulations. As a result of the work carried out, announcements about COVID-19 preventive measures were posted at the entrance of the building, information on personal protection and the proper hand hygiene techniques were promoted, dezo barriers were installed, antiseptic dispensers were installed, the amount of disposable wipes was significantly increased. Rules for the placement of tables and seating in the hall for public catering establishments with closed space were also provided. In order to observe social distancing guidelines, special places were marked in the hallways, transparent headlights were installed between the customers and the service staff. The hall is provided with natural ventilation. Bathrooms, doors, windows and furniture were processed with special solutions. Dishes and kitchen utensils are being washed at high temperatures by special machines. The staff responsible for cleaning and washing is systematically instructed on how to conduct their jobs safely. In order to ensure the health of the service personnel, a significant supply of special clothing, as well as disposable coats, blankets, hats, and gloves were obtained.


In accordance with the new rules, representatives of the National Food Agency were invited to provide a permit for the operation of the canteen facility, which conducted monitoring and evaluations. Their inspection determined that BST was observing the appropriate health and safety measures. 


Black Sea Terminal is ready to adapt to all future challenges; if the government applies new recommendations and regulations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, BST will be able to comply and meet the new rules and regulations efficiently and in a timely manner.


We are learning to work along with COVID-19. We believe in success.

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