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The Shusha Tragedy

Universally, the recent history of the world clearly depicts progressive society, which continuously strives to raise the standard of living for a peaceful coexistence. However, there are also certain groups in society who are engaged in war, invasions and acts of violence, which brings about great pain and suffering to the civilian population by destroying their material and spiritual values, thus depriving them of their right to have a decent life.


28 years ago, the small town of Shusha and surrounding regions suffered one of the worst tragedies in world history. This tragedy is called the “Shusha Tragedy”, which reminds the world community of the acts of brutality, severity that occurred on May 8. 1992.


Black Sea Terminal (BST) employees express solidarity to the Azerbaijani people on their pain, which was caused by the Shusha tragedy.


Today, BST employees are paying respect to the many people who died, including many women and children. As a sign of sympathy and solidarity, BST staff was sent an e-mail with the newly selected documentary "Shusha", which gave each of them the opportunity to get acquainted with the material depicting this tragedy.


We hope that the government of the Republic of Azerbaijan, with the support of the world, will be able to restore the territorial integrity and support the natives in returning to their homeland from where they have been deprived of their homes and forced to lead their lives as refugees. We believe that they will be able to live on their own land, in their own homes and be happy.


We remember the Shusha!

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