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Safety Observation Cards at Kulevi Oil Terminal

Kulevi Oil Terminal is using Safety Observation Cards (SOC) to document hazards as well as safety recommendations in the workplace. It is a comprehensive report that includes evidence and detailed descriptions of key safety observations. Performing and documenting regular safety observations helps to ensure a safe workplace, as well as share best practices with employees.


An SOC is the written record of a safety conversation between an observer and an employee. The observer that wrote the card has to stop the unsafe activities observed and talk to the person involved in the unsafe activity and propose corrective actions to take in order to prevent the outcomes of this unsafe behavior.


The important categories to inspect when performing a safety observation report for any given workplace are as follows:


·       Common working areas

·       Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

·       Fire safety equipment and procedures

·       Electrical hazards

·       Proper storage  


The responsible supervisor for the area or team in which the observation was made must ensure that all actions raised from SOCs in his area are frequently reviewed. This supervisor discusses the actions during the daily and weekly meetings with the team. Reviews of the findings and corrective actions on the SOCs are standard discussion items during these meetings.


This is where the value of SOCs really comes to bear: daily and weekly discussions at a local level on what needs to be improved in the day-to-day safety management of a site or area. The person responsible for the area or site must review the SOCs that have been raised in his area. The responsible person for the area must:


  • Review all observations that have “open actions”
  • Decide what action needs to be taken and initiate it
  • Close out the action status when done
  • Analyze the type of SOCs being raised in his/her area to clarify the problem
  • Take part in weekly and monthly safety meetings to discuss the actions
  • Give a report of all SOCs written in their area during the last week so that they can be discussed during the weekly meeting.


There is also value to be gained from the SOCs on the management level.

The statistics on the SOC numbers and card categories offer valuable information that can be used to steer the terminal’s safety efforts. This type of analysis is used during management meetings with the participation of department heads.

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