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Kulevi Oil Terminal supports the StopCov Fund

The Black Sea Terminal team is taking full responsibility for the ongoing issues due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Through its daily activities BST seeks to make a significant contribution to the stability of the country's economy and to ensuring the health and social condition of its employees.


BST continues to operate in full compliance with the recommendations issued by the Government of Georgia and the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health. From the beginning, staff was provided with special masks, rubber gloves and disinfectants and, depending on the job specification, with personal protective equipment (overalls, helmets, gloves, respirators, sunglasses). Employees have been in-serviced on personal hygiene rules and on the hygiene norms to be performed in the workplace. The company has systematically disinfected workplaces, passenger vehicles, and supervised the health of employees by the medical team. In full compliance with international health guidelines, BST has organized transportation for employees and the operation mode of BST’s canteen is now delivery only.


In addition, the number of BST employees working remotely has significantly expanded. The norms of concentration of employees in the workplace are maximally followed. Each service unit is fully committed to the established recommendations and quarantine rules to prevent the spread of the virus.


Because of its high level of civil and public responsibility, the management of Black Sea Terminal has made an important decision to take active participation in the campaign against the Coronavirus by donating to the StopCov Fund.


We believe that the solidarity and support expressed by each business entity or ordinary citizen will greatly help to save the lives of those around us, and help win the fight against this growing pandemic.


We can win if we work together!


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