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The tourist infrastructure of the Kolkheti National Park has been updated

Kolkheti National Park is a national park located in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti and Guria, in the historical region of Colchis in western Georgia.  It lies on a coastal plain on the Black Sea, between the mouths of the Tikori and Supsa Rivers, spanning the districts of Zugdidi, Khobi, Lanchkhuti, Senaki and Abasha. The park was established between 1998 and 1999 as part of Georgia’s Integrated Coastal Management Project. Kolkheti National Park covers an area of 28,940 hectares and with protected wetlands, the protected area spans 33,710 hectares, incorporating the land of the former 500-hectare Kolkheti State Nature Reserve established in 1947, and its surrounding wetlands, including Lake Paliastomi.


It’s worth mentioning that the area - Colchis wetlands and forests - were given a status of international importance under the RAMSAR Convention and is included in the UNESCO tentative list. 


However, despite the protection of the park, it is open for tourists whilst maintaining and protecting the natural habitat. It has a visitor center in Poti but most tourist routes are focused on the Poti area or the Lake Paliastomi basin. The lake attracts tourists interested in bird-watching (you can find up to 200 species of birds in early spring and late autumn). These birds include storks, pelicans, ducks, swans, geese and some species of water bird. It is also an interesting place to see due to the unique and specific beauty of its swamps. The region's picturesque wetlands are rarely found anywhere else along the Black Sea's coastal zone. It is an ideal place for the development of boating, diving, hiking and horse-riding tourism in the National Park.


Recently, with financial support from Kulevi Oil Terminal, the tourist infrastructure of the Park has been updated: a visitor center was equipped with a picnic area, a pier for the disabled was rehabilitated, bird watching towers were built on the lake, and coastal protection work has been also carried out. This is just a small part of the activities carried out by the Kulevi Oil Terminal for the development and well-being of Georgia and its people. The company plans to continue its support of these precious protested areas. 

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