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Environmental Awareness & Waste Segregation Training

BST implements and operates an environmental management system, for which the standards require that employees receive awareness training in the environmental issues related to their job. Environmental training also improves our employees’ awareness and adherence to ISO 14001. Recently, the HSSEQ Department conducted an Environmental Awareness & Waste Segregation training course for its employees.


The range of subjects the course covered included:

a) Energy management

b) Waste management

c) Biodiversity

d) Internal environmental auditing

e) Sustainability

f) Transport

g) Water

j) Environmental management systems


The participants of the course were provided an opportunity to improve their knowledge in:

a)   The handling of hazardous and non-hazardous waste

b)   Collecting waste (storing it safely, sorting it for recycling)

c)   Implementing environmental management systems (improving overall processes in order to reduce waste and lessen your environmental impact)

d)   Understanding basic environmental issues

e)   Improve environmental policies, objectives and targets

f)    Learn more about environmental aspects and impacts


Conducting training courses that focus on managing or minimizing waste can help the employees identify ways to improve the existing practices and can boost the terminal’s overall efficiency.

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