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Asset integrity management training

Black Sea Terminal ensures a high index of asset reliability and availability. The understanding of Asset Integrity Management (AIM) is vital for our employees to gain maximum value, profitability and returns while safeguarding our personnel, the community, and the environment.


So in this context, AIM training was conducted at BST for a group of employees with the goal of refreshing their knowledge in recognizing and analyzing the difficulties, challenges, problems and opportunities presented in engineering and operations in frequently changing operating conditions and regulatory requirements.  


The main topics covered during the training included the concept of Asset Integrity Management, the key elements of asset integrity, the importance of integrity assurance, how to assess whether an integrity assurance framework is present, how bow-tie and safety cases are key inputs into an integrity assurance program, reference integrity related KPI’s, the need for monitoring integrity assurance and the key enablers to a sustainable integrity assurance program. 


Certified employees of BST can optimize operating loss, waste, cost and risks in potentially highly capital intensive and potentially complex and challenging projects; examine and critique engineering asset management case studies, asset integrity failures and successful benchmarking practices and also allow familiarize them in organizing, implementing and controlling frequently changing AM (Asset Management), IM (Integrity Management) and AIM (Asset Integrity Management) related projects.


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