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(PSM) Process Safety Management Training

Process Safety Management (PSM) refers to a systematic approach to managing hazards and the reduction in the frequency and severity of any dangerous incidents resulting from the release of hazardous chemicals or other energy sources. 


Black Sea Terminal (BST) has a very comprehensive PSM program to identify, assess and control facility hazards, including fires, explosions and the release of any highly hazardous chemicals that could harm our staff or the workplace environment. So in cooperation with SOCAR-Petrofac, a PSM training course for mid-level management and supervisors from various departments was organized to help refresh BST employee knowledge. 


During the training course, participants were provided a detailed and clear understanding of process management systems, asset management and maintenance strategies, safe start-up, as well as the plant’s shutdown process. In addition, topics such as performance standards for critical safety and equipment systems, hazards and controls for chemical reactions, bulk storage of dangerous substances and BST emergency plans were covered in the course.


The training session was followed by an assessment, based on which, all of them have were certified in PSM.


The goal of the training course was to ensure that BST employees fully understand the importance of Process Safety Information for safe operations, to learn the best engineering practices related to safety and environmental risk management, to identify hazards and mitigate hazards associated with chemical, hydrocarbon and manufacturing process facilities, as well as to provide an hands on experience in planning, designing and implementing Process Safety and Risk Management System at the terminal.

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