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Testing of the Automatic Fire Fighting System (AFF)

Black Sea Terminal’s Automatic Firefighting System (AFF) consists of two parts – a foam extinguishing system and a water cooling system.


To keep the AFF in a continuous state of preparedness, these systems are subject to periodic maintenance, which include pump tests and tests that confirm their operability.


One of the most important conditions for the effectiveness of AFF is the technical state of automation.


To this end, the following types of tests are provided every six months:

  • Stage 1 - The operability of automatic drives for pumps and valves are tested
  • Stage 2 - The operation of the AFF in the full cycle is tested, which includes confirmation of signal transmission, the timely start-up of fire pumps, and the activation of extinguishing and cooling systems.


It is also possible to simultaneously inspect the condition of the fire pipelines and foam equipment.


The test results are then reported and certified by members of the test committee.

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