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Giving is important

Kulevi Oil Terminal recently lent its support to socially vulnerable families living in the Khobi municipality. Among the beneficiaries were the elderly, sick and several economically challenged large families. Because these individuals struggle to solve their daily financial problems, they have warmly welcomed the generous outreach of others to help address their hardships.

Kulevi Oil Terminal’s goal was to brighten the lives of such socially unprotected people and to help make them forget about their problems and illnesses – at least in the short term. As such, the beneficiaries were extremely gracious for the assistance they were provided by Kulevi Oil Terminal and the kindness they were shown. For Kulevi Oil Terminal, such acts of corporate responsibility towards the community is a common practice.  In fact, over the years, Kulevi Oil Terminal has made a habit to help ease the suffering of those in need and the company will continue to commit itself to providing charitable acts in the future.

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