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Periodical certification of BST Steam Boilers

Black Sea Terminal (BST) has been operating several steam generation boilers since it began  operations in 2008.  Initially the terminal was equipped with two steam generation boilers with total steam generation capacity of 24,000 cubic meters per hour. 

Later, due to the intensification of technological processes, in particular, due to the increase in the transshipment capacities of high viscous oil products and the implementation of expansion projects, 3 units of steam generation boilers with a total steam supply capacity of 48,000 m3/h had were built and put into operation in 2016.



Важные исторические даты

There are certain special dates that are recorded on the calendar and imprinted in our memories. May 26th and May 28th are two such days. The 26th of May commemorates the adoption of the Act of Independence, which established the Democratic Republic of Georgia, and on 28th of May the day of proclamation of the Independent Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan. These are special holidays for Georgian and Azerbaijani citizens because it was on these dates the new democratic governments of both countries became sovereign states.



Q1 Environmental Monitoring Report for 2021

According to the agreement between Black Sea Terminal (BST) and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia (MoE), BST is obliged to conduct environmental monitoring of its facilities and the adjacent areas. The environmental monitoring process is described in the Environmental Monitoring and Measurement scheme approved by the MoE.


Environmental monitoring is aimed at measuring, controlling and mitigating any negative influence on the environment resulting from the operation of the BST. 



Black Sea Terminal Anniversary

May 16th is an important day for everyone at Black Sea Terminal (BST) marking the company’s start of operations back in 2008. While BSTs success did not come overnight, it reached success in the shortest period of time, establishing itself on the international stage as reputable and reliable business partner.


The company continues on its path of expansion and development through its diverse industrial and technological processes as well as the introduction of new products, which in turn increase the company’s volume of work.



Azerbaijan marks 98th birthday anniversary of Heydar Aliyev

Heydar Aliyev was born on May 10, 1923, and is famous as an Azerbaijani politician, who implemented a lot of reforms, enabled the republic of Azerbaijan to stand on its feet and enter the 21st century as an independent country.


The golden age of Azerbaijan is inextricably linked with President Heydar Aliyev. During his governance, the country pushed forward at an increasingly high speed, resulting in greatly-improved living conditions for average citizens. 



Victory Day - May 9

The civilized world celebrated the victory of World War II and the defeat of fascism 76 years ago, on May 9 of 1945. The war claimed the lives of millions of people, and the survivors returned to their families with great physical or spiritual trauma. The chosen youth of the people of Azerbaijan and Georgia made a great contribution to the achievement of the final victory, unfortunately several hundred thousand heroes lost their lives in the war.




Marian B Hopper Dredger Engines Overhaul

Located at the Khobitskhali River mouth, continuous dredging in Kulevi port waters and its approach channel is very important to ensure port readiness for the acceptance of sea tankers. Dredging operations are performed by the Marian B Hopper, which is operated by Black Sea Terminal. For this reason, the continuous availability and proper exploitation of the vessel must be ensured at all times. 

All preventive maintenance activities undertaken by the Marian B. Hopper dredger are included in the Computerized Maintenance Management System and preventive maintenance actions are performed regularly.



Black Sea Terminal Supports Young Athletes

Cooperation between Black Sea Terminal (BST) and the Kolkheti Football Club has continues, as an agreement was signed between the two parties at the beginning of the year. The Kolkheti football club (based in the Khobi Municipality) will place SOCAR Group billboards on the playground, and BST will provide financial support to the club.


This act of cooperation is of great importance to the football club, as the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly limited the club’s financial resources, and the number of fans attending the matches has diminished. 



Work time management

One of the most important components of a modern business is the effective management of employee work time, which includes the efficient use of hired labor, an increase in labor productivity, timely and high-quality performance of work, efficiency of results, and the achievement of planned technical and economic indicators. All of the above directly depends on how the work time is managed, in particular, how well the work time is used by employees and what are the losses.


Since its inception, Black Sea Terminal has paid considerable attention to the use of work time, thus making it possible for employees to:  



Maintenance Management Framework

The key to maintenance success is our Planned Maintenance Strategy, which entails the continuous monitoring of both the quality and efficiency of maintenance work. This strategy helps uncover any deficiencies and helps us plan preventive/corrective actions for extending the life of various equipment and devices. To support this strategy many technologically advanced devices have been installed at the terminal.


Critical applications require maximum uptime and when a problem occurs,  

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