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Spare parts criticality assessment

The spare parts criticality assessment is a process that is essential to the operation of an efficient warehouse and inventory management system. Some aspects are essential to ensure the continuous operation of the terminal, while other aspects may not have such a critical effect on operations. This is why the criticality assessment should be conducted to rank spare parts as critical or non-critical.


Spare parts logistics play a crucial role in maintaining a high index of equipment availability. However, while an out-of-stock scenario leads to equipment shutdowns, it is critical to have only those spares in the warehouse that are necessary for the continuity of operations and to avoid overstocking. 



Major Emergency Management (MEM)

Black Sea Terminal (BST) has very competent emergency response plan in place that enables the company to perform work safely and easily. The emergency response plan is a crucial component to handling any kind of emergency situation. 

Though the emergency management team is well trained and experienced, the continuous review and revision of their knowledge remains constant. This instills a sense of confidence in the employees.  The importance of this upskilling and pre-planning is essential so that at the onset of an emergency, important decisions can be made rapidly and the situation can be controlled in a short period of time. 



Inspection and repair work of corrosion protection system at berths

The corrosion of steel structures at berths due to the sea water environment is a constant threat. Sea water contains high concentrations of salts that together with dissolved oxygen accelerate the corrosion process of metals. In order to decrease the corrosion rates of steel structures in sea water environments and to extend their service life, several methods have been designed. One of these methods is the use of galvanic sacrificial metals, such as aluminum alloy to protect steel structures.



Enhancing developmental needs to meet technological needs

There are a lot of new projects implemented at the Terminal and skilled, trained employees are always needed.  Even during the COVID - 19 pandemic situations, company has never failed in meeting the developmental needs of the employees.


Currently, new technological projects being implemented at the terminal it is a must to have skilled employees especially those handling welding jobs.  



Distinctive Professional Day

In recognizing one of the most difficult professions, the Azerbaijani government has been celebrating the members of the oil and gas industry for two decades. Oil Workers’ Day has appeared on national calendars since August of 2001, when the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Heydar Aliyev signed the decree, according to which, September 20 of each year would be designated as Azerbaijan Oil Workers’ Day.



Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Hazard identification is part of the process used to evaluate whether any particular situation, item or structure has the potential to cause harm. The term often used to describe the full process is risk assessment: Identify hazards and risk factors that have the potential to cause harm (hazard identification).


At Black Sea Terminal (BST) a risk assessment is required before undertaking any non-routine work. BST’s risk assessment system consists of two levels: Level 1 - Risk and control measures mentioned in Permit to Work (PTW) lists; Level 2 - if the risks and control measures are not sufficient to trigger a work order, then an additional risk assessment is prepared and attached to the PTW list.



Charitable act

While the storage and transshipment of oil and oil products is the main priority of Black Sea Terminal, BST also carries out charitable activities on a regular basis – especially in the nearby Khobi municipality.


BST pays close attention to the many challenges the people of the Khobi municipality face. These challenges have recently been worsened by the coronavirus. So, in an effort to assist the people of Khobi, on August 28, BST representatives presented various food products and sweets to members of the local community.



Annual complex audit at BST

In August 2020 an annual complex audit was conducted at terminal port facility. The audit was conducted according to the approved yearly plan by the Audit Team of Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia. The main purpose of the visit was:

1)    to observe the level of Security/Safety at terminal port facility;

2)    evaluation of compliance of company processes with the requirements of applied international standards as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001;

3)    discuss the recommendations from last audit;

4)    finding opportunities for improving and give additional recommendations for strengthen the system and etc.



Electricians training and recertification

Following the government's decision to lift restrictions on conducting training courses, Black Sea Terminal (BST) organized an external training course in full compliance with the recommendations laid out to combat the spread of COVID-19. The training was attended by a group of electricians whose professional certifications were about to expire.


The training, in accordance with state standards, was developed at Georgian Technical University and approved by BST management. The training was conducted by a highly qualified trainer.



Maintenance of fire protection system at BST

For the normal and smooth operation of all units of the fire fighting system at the terminal, its constant readiness for use, the technical condition of the whole system is important. For this purpose, their planned maintenance works are organized and carried out.


So, this year a lot of works has been done to replace the pipes of the water intake and filtration system for the needs of fire protection system. Preventive maintenance works on water filters are carried out on a monthly basis. Fire protection system is equipped with a fire hydrants and monitors that are designed for outdoor fire extinguishing.

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