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Testing Automatic Firefitgting System at BST

Black Sea Terminal use a fire detection and warning system (installation of various types of detectors and sensors) and an automatic fire extinguishing system (AFS) to ensure the fire safety of the terminal. The AFS consists of two parts:


- Foam fire extinguishing system

- Water cooling system.


To keep the AFS in constant preparedeness, these systems undergo periodic maintenance, test runs of pumps with a check of the extinguishing and cooling devices. 



Maintenance analytics

The maintenance strategy of Black Sea Terminal includes the continuous monitoring of the quality and efficiency of maintenance work in order to reveal deficiencies. The strategy seeks to prevent and correct all deficiencies in order to extend the use-life of the equipment and to ensure the uninterrupted operation of Black Sea Terminal. There are numerous types of equipment and processes that are a challenge to control and maintain. Analyzing the analytical data helps us to identify the important and urgent performance gaps and set the appropriate measures for improvement.



Employee Individual Development Plan

Employee Individual Development Plan (EIDP) at Black Sea Terminal LLC is considered one of the most important steps taken by an organization to assist employees in their careers and personal development, which helps the employee to acquire new knowledge and attain meet their short and long-term career goals, thus increasing productivity of the company.


Individual Development plan being an important platform for managing the professional development of an employee in every organization it is 



Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Training

Hazard recognition and preparing appropriate risk assessments plays an important role in every workplace – especially in the oil and gas industry. At Black Sea Terminal (BST), hazard identification and risk assessment is one of the core competencies for all but especially those employees and supervisors who handle hazardous jobs.

Considering the importance and need for this training, the Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Training is conducted at frequent intervals at BST. 



Health Insurance Program

Kulevi Oil Terminal is a company that cares about its employees and is always ready to invest in their well-being in order to help them achieve a better work-life balance.


Being a part of Premium Benefits, the health insurance is intended to protect employees and their families against uncertain and costly medical expenses, so they are more likely to receive the appropriate healthcare.


That’s why health insurance is one of the most important, top valued benefits offered to our employees throughout their job, and why they are being improved from year to year.



Modernization of automated firefighting system

The automated firefighting system is one of the main elements of fire safety and emergency response at Black Sea Terminal (BST). All of BST’s terminal facilities are protected with fire detection and fighting systems. Most of the installed firefighting equipment is operated from the central control room and is wired to receive alarms from different locations within the facility. Alarms are transmitted via the smoke and temperature detectors installed in the BST process facilities and buildings.



Performance Monitoring

The Maintenance Department at Black Sea Terminal (BST) develops and maintains short-term and long-term preventive maintenance schedules and programs for operating efficiency. This is in line with operational context, inclusive of work force development, personnel trainings, resource allocation, prioritization, department budget and sets its goals for future improvements and achievements.


One of the important management tools that the Maintenance Department uses to measure the quality and efficiency of maintenance performance and to trigger the corrective maintenance actions is KPI (Key Performance Indicators). KPIs are fundamental in measuring performance and progress. Analyzing the data generated by KPI trends helps us to identify the most important and most urgent performance gaps and set the appropriate measures for an improvement.



Objectives & Targets process at Black Sea Terminal

The Objectives & Targets (OT) process was established in order to maintain and continuously improve Black Sea Terminal’s (BST) management system and performance (improving its suitability, adequacy and effectiveness). The OT process at BST is a vital part of BST’s Integrated Management System. At the beginning of each year, all the departments at BST are tasked with preparing the OT document and sending it for further approval by the company’s top management.

The 2021 Objectives & Targets are being prepared in clearly expressed, simplified and measurable fashion, and in a way that is consistent with the Health, Safety and Environment and Quality Policies and must be:



Improving the HSE System at BST

The HSE Policy of Black Sea Terminal (BST) aims to achieve 0 (zero) Lost Time Injury (LTI) and to do no harm to the environment. BST closed 2020 with a zero rate of LTI. This is a remarkable achievement, particularly considering the safety challenges of the terminal.


Safety is a core priority at BST. By creating a safe environment, and implementing the best safety practices for all daily activities, the company is committed to maintaining a safe workplace for its employees, contractors and visitors. Setting an ongoing target of zero LTI is a clear indication of its aim to keep all employees safe, and achieving it is a huge credit to the sizeable team at BST. 



Electrician Re-certification

Electricians are a very important aspect to the company’s operation. As such, their continuous certification, re-certification and competency assessment is considered to be of the utmost importance at Black Sea Terminal.


Previously, BST electricians have been certified after regular classroom refreshment training and assessment. However, during the pandemic, they are working remotely in accordance with government regulations. Thus, their remote recertification was conducted online and in coordination with Technical University.

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