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25 million tons

Kulevi Oil Terminal has transshipped 25 million tons of oil and gas products since its operations began in 2008. The transshipped products are comprised of 41% gasoil and kerosene, 35% fuel oils, 16% crude oils and 8% new products like LPG, gasoline, naphtha, pyrolysis, methanol, isopropyl-alcohol and para-xylene. Initially, the terminal was designed and constructed for the transshipment of crude oil, fuel oil and gasoil, but taking into consideration the modification and expansion of work performed by the terminal’s management in recent years, the terminal has obtained the technical capability to transship completely new products like methanol, gasoline, isopropyl-alcohol, propylene/butane butadiene fraction, liquefied pyrolysis resin and Para-xylene.




10 years of successful operation

This is a day to remember, as the majority of the employees currently working at Black Sea Terminal have been working here since it began operating on May 16, 2008.


Ten years ago on this day SOCAR Azerbaijan made one of its most important investment’s in the Georgian economy with the establishment of Black Sea Terminal and Kulevi Port, which brought to the region a company with modern infrastructure, a material-technical base that was fully compliant with international technical norms, and a number of newly renovated ports and terminals located at the Black Sea Coast. 



2,200th tanker arrives in Kulevi port

Port Kulevi received, loaded and dispatched its 2,200 th tanker.


Operations began at Kulevi Oil Terminal and in the port of Kulevi on May 16, 2008. It took less than a month to get the first tanker. 

After 10 years of successful operations, Kulevi Port has advanced its general infrastructure to a level that can efficiently respond to the needs of any company. The Terminal’s progress has been noticeable over the years. The port’s capacity has increased, as well as the growing share of operations, including acceptance, loading and dispatch. The general director of Black Sea Terminal and the entire port management staff have given maximal effort into ensuring the constant development of the port, ensuring their future success.



Kulevi Oil Terminal at the 17th National Business Awards

It is already been more than 23 years since The Georgian Times and the Georgian Opinion Research Business International (GORBI) conjointly began organizing the business rating awards ceremony and giving out awards for the best businessmen and companies from various fields of the economy. 


On November 10, the best-of-the-best were revealed and awarded at a ceremony held in Tbilisi. The participants of the ‘Investment Awards’ were also selected. 

Special prizes and certificates were handed-out to the participating companies and investors to symbolically show appreciation for their efforts, and stimulate their future contribution to the country’s economy. 



Успешная инвестиция

Today on the 28th of September, 2016, Vice Prime Minister of Georgia Mr. Dimitri Kumsishvili, Minister of Energy of Georgia Mr. Ilia Eloshvili, together with the President of SOCAR Mr. Rovnag Abdullayev, opened two new sections of Kulevi Oil Terminal - Tank Park №5 and №6. The representatives of the central and local governments of Azerbaijan and Georgia, the press, mass-media, and other representatives of Black Sea Terminal also participated in the event.


The tank park №5 consists of six reservoirs with a total capacity of 60, 000 m3. The construction of this facility which is for ...



В Кулевский порт прибыл 1200ый танкер

The Kulevi port received, loaded and dispatched its 1200th tanker.


Operations commenced at Kulevi Oil Terminal and Kulevi port in May of 2008, and it took less than a month to receive its first tanker.


From that time, Kulevi Port advanced its general infrastructure to the level that can worthily respond to the needs of any company. It had been a noticeable progress. The port’s capacity has increased, as well as the growing share of operations, including acceptance, loading and dispatch.



8 лет успешной деятельности

Eight years have passed since the opening of one of the most successful terminals in the region.  


For eight years now, sea vessels have been arriving in Kulevi Port from various European and Asian countries. Our company provides a high level of service, and operates in compliance with international market requirements by following all rules and regulations. Since operations began on May 16, 2008, the terminal has transshipped more than 20 285 000 metric tons of oil and oil products. 


Black Sea Terminal LLC is distinguished ...



20 млн тонн

Kulevi Oil Terminal has transshipped 20,000,000 tons of oil and gas products since its operations began in 2008.


Meeting international safety standards Kulevi Oil Terminal provides the most efficient operations and satisfies all customer needs. All technical characteristics and successfully implemented quality management systems are maintained by experienced and qualified personnel, and make it possible to strive for goals and reach success every day. The terminal continues to work in the direction of transshipment volume increase.



Кулевский Нефтяной Терминал начал перевалку нафты

Кулевский Нефтяной Терминал способен транспортировать много разных углеводородов, включая сырую нефть, мазут, вакуумный газойль, дизель, гидроочищенный дизель (ULSD), метанол и сжижженный углеводородный газ.


Однако ООО «Терминал Черного моря» ещё раз доказало, что с помощью существующих ресурсов и без дополнительных затрат может принимать и отгружать больше продуктов. Следующим шагом в развитии стал успешный прием и отгрузка нового продукта – нафты.




Новый продукт в Терминале СУГ

Терминал для приема и отгрузки сжижженных углеводородных газов (СУГ), введённый в эксплуатацию в 2012 году, является одним из самых успешных проектов ГНКАР. Комплекс предназначен для перевозки сжиженных углеводородных газов до пункта назначения посредством танкеров для СУГ. Все операции по приему и сливу СУГ ведутся под контролем местного пункта управления с помощью автоматической системы контроля SCADA.


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