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Система биологической очистки сточных вод

ООО «Терминал Черного моря» заботится о проблемах охраны окружающей среды не только внутри Терминала, а придаёт первостепенное значение экологическим вопросам судов, оперирующих в порту. Сточные воды, произведенные на судне, нельзя долгое время оставлять на борту, их надо сбрасывать. Однако нельзя их сливать прямо за борт, так как существуют международные положения, которые необходимо соблюдать при сливе сточных вод в море.


Сточные воды в море – это отходы, произведённые при эксплуатации умывальной кабины, туалетной комнаты и шпигата. 



Joint Site Inspection Program

The ongoing Joint Site Inspection program of Black Sea Terminal facilities developed by the HSSEQ Department has been supported by company management, together with the BST staff. It provides guidelines for the effective implementation and performance of site inspections by BST personnel. The Joint Site Inspection (JSI) is an internal part of Black Sea Terminal’s Safe Operation System and covers all operations and sites operated by the terminal.


Personnel involved in the JSI are responsible for participating in the site inspection processes to ensure compliance with all applicable health, safety and environmental protection norms, standards and procedures. 



Всстреча с Министерством охраны окружающей среды и сельского хозяйства

Recently, a meeting was held in Tbilisi between representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia and Kulevi Oil Terminal.


Many topics were discussed, including the reduction of emissions from volatile organic compounds, the technical assistance provided for the improvement of waste management systems in Georgia and the strengthening of the administrative capacities of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia for the approximation and implementation of the EU environmental 'acquis' in the fields of industrial pollution and industrial hazards.



Методы управления рисками могут помочь предотвратить аварийные происшествия!

Black Sea Terminal (BST) carries out risk assessment before undertaking any work orders. It is mandatory to ensure that all hazards associated with any activities are identified and that the risks are assessed and managed.

The responsibilities of the employees carrying out the work are to:


  • Understand the hazards, risks and controls associated with the task
  • Participate and contribute in the Toolbox Talk



Certification of Life Safety Equipment

The certification of all life safety equipment and materials enables BST vessels to be safer and more reliable, as their component parts conform to rigorous standards approved by international maritime regulations. Each vessel is provided with several pieces of life safety equipment and material. This equipment must be inspected, tested and verified on a regular basis. With this in mind, Black Sea Terminal has contracted a specialized company to undertake the inspection, repair, and certification of the life safety equipment on our hopper dredger – the Marian B.




Environmental Awareness and Waste Segregation Training and its Importance in the Oil and Gas Industry

In the oil and gas industry, environmental awareness and the segregation of waste has a very important role in minimizing environmental issues. These issues include habitat protection, biodiversity, air emissions, marine and freshwater discharge, incidents and oil spills and soil and ground water contamination.


Because this kind of training is important, training courses in environmental awareness for employees are conducted regularly at Black Sea Terminal.




US Coast Guard visits Kulevi Port

As a part of BST’s integral yearly International Port Security Program, in March 2019 an annual inspection was conducted of Kulevi Port by senior management representatives of the US Coast Guard together with representatives of the Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia. The main purpose of the visit was to observe the level of security at Kulevi Port and recommend measures to strengthen the system. 

At the start of the visit, a meeting was held with the participation of BST management members and Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia to discuss the various aspects of security. 



Safety Meetings

Black Sea Terminal is committed to protecting the health and safety of all its employees and making that our activities are not harmful to the environment and the greater community. Some of the methods we use to comply with these principles include maintaining an externally certified health, safety and environmental management system, the elimination of the hazards and practices that could cause accidents and injuries to personnel, complying with legal requirements and by providing training and resources to personnel so they can maintain a safe operating system.




Holiday joy and support

Nowruz – the welcoming of the New Year, the vernal equinox, the awakening of nature, and a victory celebration of life-giving forces. It also has great significance related to the spiritual culture of the world, symbolizing renewal, prosperity goodwill and hope for the future.

It also symbolizes renewal, success and happiness in family, which is why this celebration is always accompanied with enormous positive energy and a bright future. As always, each and every employee of our multicultural team at Black Sea Terminal shares this joy, warmth, and hope in a better future that is associated with Nowruz Bayram.



BST offers youth assistance

Black Sea Terminal is actively involved in a number of activities, especially those related to the development of education standards and youth physical fitness, as well as financing various interesting projects. This is based on the interest of the youth and how they can make proper use of their leisure time especially through sports activities needed for their physical and mental development.  

As such, BST management is sponsoring the Kolkheti football club in the Khobi municipality, which is taking part in the Georgian football championship. But before that, the main problems and issues faced by the club and its members were carefully studied. 

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