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Safe working environment for successful operation

Last year, the Parliament of Georgia passed a new law on Labor safety, which applies to all sectors in the field of occupational safety, as well as regulates the protection of life and health of employees and others working in this sector.


Actively working on labor safety issues and adherence to established standards has always been an integral part of Black Sea Terminal's day-to-day management, and therefore the company has fulfilled the requirements of the new legislation in a timely and active manner. 



Health insurance program

Kulevi Oil Terminal is a company that cares about its employees and is always ready to invest in their well-being in order to help them achieve a better work-life balance.


The rising costs of healthcare have made it necessary for our company to protect our employees and their families from any financial instability that may arise in cases of sickness or injury. That’s why health insurance is one of the most important, most valued benefits offered to our employees through their job.


As such, Kulevi Oil Terminal provides its employees a health insurance program from one of the leading companies on the local market. 



Automatization of Railway Switch Points

Black Sea Terminal (BST) continuously strives to improve its technical equipment and infrastructure so it can provide high-quality and on-time services to its customers. As an integral part of this policy, BST management ensures the automatization of railway switching points, which contributes greatly to the safe and timely commencement of railway operations. These actions include the remote switching of the railway switch points, maneuvering of the rail tank cars, as well as the shifting of rail tank cars to and from the railway offloading trestles. 

BST has also begun work on the electrification and automatization of twelve switch points in the internal railway routes. 



Oil Worker’s Day 2019

Various countries across the globe celebrate Workers Day to respect, support and appreciate the achievements of their workers.


Accordingly, oil and gas industry workers also have a special day in their honor - “Oil Workers Day”.


Oil and gas industry work is one of the most sought-after and demanding professions of all, because the contribution made by these workers to any country significantly determines the fast-paced economic growth of that country.



Maintenance of Overhead Power Lines

Reliable power is a fundamental requirement for any organization. Critical applications require maximum uptime and when problems occur, the downtime for repairs must be minimized. “Reliable” not only applies to the availability of power, but also to the quality of power.


Reliable power has a direct impact on most aspects of an automation system and the equipment it controls. Electrical systems are subject to a wide variety of power quality problems, which can interrupt industrial processes and affect sensitive equipment. Power quality problems can result in unnecessary downtime due to equipment failure. The demand for reliable and uninterruptible power delivery requires keeping HV overhead power lines in operation as much as possible without disruption.



Meeting in Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia

Protecting the environment is important for sustainable development. Pollution, the degradation of forests, depletion of ozone layer, and greenhouse gases all result in global warming, which can have a catastrophic effect on the environment and human health. As such, the conservation of biodiversity, the protection of wetlands, the prevention of environmental pollution, and the promotion of ecological balance enabling sustainable development is required to avoid this problem.


On September 13, a meeting was held in Tbilisi between representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia and the participants from various large Georgian companies. 



Safety inspection of vehicles

Safety is always the number one priority when operating any type of machinery or vehicle that can cause fatal injuries if not operated with care. The safety inspection of transport vehicles can reduce the risk of the vehicle breaking down, getting in an accident from mechanical error, or deteriorating while driving. If some function of the vehicle were to fail while you are driving due to a lack of inspection, you could risk serious harm.

All vehicles operated at Kulevi Oil Terminal must pass quarterly inspections conducted by authorized Safety Inspectors.



Safety observations in the workplace

Black Sea Terminal is dedicated to performing all activities whilst adhering to all established safety rules and policies. Through the Safety Observations Cards, Black Sea Terminal employees register their safety concerns, the main objective of which, is to eliminate accidents and injuries.


The key to eliminating accidents and injuries is to modify behavior by observing people as they work and talking with them in order to encourage safe work practices and eliminate at-risk behaviors. Safety observations help the company lower operating costs, increase productivity, and improve employee morale.



Internship program at the Terminal

As an international company, Black Sea Terminal offers many opportunities for interns, especially those who want to broaden their experience in preparation for an international career. Internships also help to attract the next generation of corporate trailblazers. 

The interns hired at BST are from various international universities and educational institutions within the region. After the internship applications are received from universities, the hiring process starts by testing their quality of knowledge on paper followed by a face to face interview. During the interview, candidates who demonstrate initiative, eagerness to learn, the willingness to work hard, and leadership potential are given the priority.




Quarterly Environmental Self-Monitoring

According to the agreement between Black Sea Terminal (BST) and the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia (MoE), BST is obliged to conduct environmental monitoring of its facilities and the adjacent areas. The environmental monitoring process is described in the Environmental Monitoring and Measurement scheme approved by the MoE.


Environmental monitoring is aimed at measuring, controlling and mitigating any negative influence on the environment resulting from the operation of BST Terminal. Quarterly environmental monitoring includes soil and water sampling, noise level and air-quality monitoring at BST sites and adjacent areas.

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