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День работников нефтяной промышленности

On September 20, the Republic of Azerbaijan proudly celebrates Oil Industry Workers Day. Our company congratulates each and every employee as well as all of our Azerbaijani colleagues working in this industry on this very special day. 


The unrivaled cooperation between the two republics of Georgia and Azerbaijan in the economic and energy sectors has created some of the leading oil and gas industry professionals in the region. All this is a result of the tireless, hard work and dedication of professionals like you. If not for workers like you, we would have not achieved what have today.


We are proud to say that this day has been celebrated every year since the establishment of the terminal.



Health insurance program

Kulevi Oil Terminal is a company which cares about its employees and is always ready to invest in their well-being in order to help them achieve a better work-life balance.


The rising costs of healthcare have made it necessary for our company to protect our employees and their families from any financial instability that may arise in the case illness or hospitalization. That’s why health insurance is one of the most important, top valued benefits offered to our employees through their job.


Our company has always offered a health insurance program for employees and their families. 



С праздником Курбан Байрам

Сегодня, мусульмане отмечают Курбан Байрам, один из самых больших праздников всего Исламского мира. Это один из самых красивых празднеств мира, заботы и победы над злом.


Курбан Байрам – это благотворительность и объединение. Во время этого праздника приносят в жертву козу или барана, иногда даже быка и как правило делят на семь частей. Мясо потом раздают бедным и делятся между членами семьи и соседями. Люди постоянно в движении, навещают родных и друзей.




Kulevi Oil Terminal