Decent Work – Basis for Success 


Black Sea Terminal is one of the most successful companies in the region with its activities and the results that it has achieved. Constant development of the company significantly depends on its personnel. BST management clearly and profoundly realizes the main principles of the contemporary management system – a company’s staff is the company’s main asset in its success in the pursuit of goals and achievements. To keep a finger on the pulse of today’s rapidly changing environment, and to maintain its competitiveness and leading place on the market, it is essential to recognize and appreciate its professional and dedicated staff. Our company pays its utmost attention to, and continuously cares for its employees. BST periodically provides merit-based rewards in the form cash and small gifts to its best employees who have distinguished themselves with their hard work and dedication. Such deeds provide incentives and increases employee motivation. An axiom in human resource management stipulates that employees who feel appreciated perform their assigned duties with enhanced resolve and desire, which consequently ensures increased productivity for the company.


Two people were chosen from BST for their hard work:  Messrs. Senior Control Room Technician Levan Meladze and Mechanic Gia Demetradze. General Director Mr. Karim Guliyev met with them at an official awards ceremony together with company management, and expressed gratitude for their diligent performance and contributions made towards the company’s success. The President of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) Mr. Rovnag Abdullayev rewarded the two employees with certificates and cash prizes.


Mr. Karim Guliyev mentioned that the management of the company appreciates each employee's performance, and does its best to ensure a preferable working environment. This in turn increases labor productivity and accordingly ensures the constant development and continuous success of the company. 


Celebration of Oil Industry Workers’ Day 


The signing of the contract on September 20, 1994, to explore and exploit the Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli oil and gas reserves, laid the foundation to celebrate Oil Industry Workers Day in Azerbaijan each year. This landmarkTagreement entered into history as the “Contract of the Century” and played significant role in the rapid development of the oil and gas sphere of the Azerbaijan Republic. The agreement represents the basis for Azerbaijan’s energy strategy.


September 20, Oil Industry Workers Day, has been established as a tradition at Black Sea Terminal since 2008. Today, our company meets this day with new accomplishments: significant achievements were reached in the turnover of various oil products, good indicators are revealed in the receiving and transshipment of liquefied gas, infrastructure is becoming more modern and safer, new facilities are being constructed and related work has been implemented. The social conditions of our employees are improving as well. Following these achievements, it must be noted that two employees were given significant bonuses due to their active participation in the ongoing operation process, and general dedication and hard work. The employees were nominated by Black Sea Terminal management and the President of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic – SOCAR, Mr. Rovnag Abdullayev.


The management of Black Sea Terminal congratulated its employees on this day, wished each of them to achieve new heights in their personal and professional activities, and expressed their deepest gratitude towards the management of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic for the support and appreciation of our company.


Pages of the Past by Gogita Chitaia 


Presentation of the book Pages of the Past by Gogita Chitaia was held in the library in the town of Khobi. The event was sponsored by the Azerbaijan State Oil Company (SOCAR) representative – Black Sea Terminal. The presentation was attended by our company and representatives of various industries including historians, philologists, journalists, teachers, doctors and others. The author discussed the book, as well as the huge work that accompanied the introduction of the archived materials, the processing, and systematization.


The audience remarked that the book sparks the interest of all generations of readers, and gives them an opportunity to become acquainted with the period starting from the 1850s to the 1930s. Nearly 80 years of historical data from the Khobi Municipal area is provided, including information about the castles, churches and monasteries, places of nature, educational centers, folklore, demography, surnames stories, traditions, and the area’s socioeconomic status. The speakers talked about the great work and willpower the author demonstrated while working on the materials for this book.


The organizers and the audience members expressed their gratitude to Black Sea Terminal. It was pointed out that without the support of Black Sea Terminal’s management, the book would not be possible.


From the beginning of the new academic year, all schools within the Khobi municipality will receive research materials in the form of books, which should increase learning and motivation. Black Sea Terminal’s contribution will be noted in the history of the Khobi municipality for its role in developing social, cultural and educational programs in the region.


Kulevi Oil Terminal sponsored publishing of the historical book 


Taking into consideration long-held traditions of mutual respect between the Georgian and Azerbaijani nations, Black Sea Terminal responded to the announcement of the Khobi-Poti Eparchy and declared its readiness to cover the expenses connected with the addition of the research materials pertaining to the 250 historical surnames and unique maps of historical monuments. This enabled the Center of Clearance Research and Protection of the Khobi-Poti Eparchy to publish the gathering of historical materials under the name – “Pages of the Past” revealing the social political, cultural, religious and socioeconomic happenings of one of the oldest regions of Georgia – Samegrelo.


The book is very interesting for readers of any age. It provides an excellent opportunity to discover amazing facts about castles, churches, natural sights, educational centers, folklore, demography, and the surnames existing within the Khobi Municipality. As the authors of the book resurrect the past, they reminded society that the brightness of the past is never forgotten.  


It is important to mention that the publishers thanked Black Sea Terminal LLC, and the SOCAR Group representative publicly from the pages of the book for funding their project.


Our company wishes the Khobi-Poti Eparchy’s Center of Clearance Research and Protection success!   



Black Sea Terminal LLC sponsored the automobile and motorcycle racing 


Last weekend, the town of Zugdidi hosted sports events that brought together amateurs of automobile and motorcycle racing from throughout the country. The event was conducted under the patronage of the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Regional Administration.


BST employees and their family members attended the events. Stickers with our company name were placed on the cars participating in the sports competition. BST flags were exhibited along the whole racing track, and the big banner once again highlighted and reminded the participants and visitors of the sports competition regarding one of the general sponsors of racing – SOCAR.


The events program was full of impressive and spectacular performances. Teams from various cities and regions of the country competed with each other in cars drifting and drag racing.    


At the end of the automobile and motorcycle racing events, BST representatives awarded the winners in each category of the competition with appropriate prizes. 



Honor the Past, Celebrate the Present, and Build the Future! 


May 26 and 28 are the dates when Georgia and Azerbaijan celebrate their national independence.


Precisely ninety-seven years ago, on May 26th, the National Council of Georgia proclaimed independence and the establishment of a democratic republic. Two days after the proclamation of Georgian independence on May 28th, Azerbaijan proclaimed its independence as well. Georgia and Azerbaijan expressed their aspiration to be marked as separate states on the world map. The people of both countries met those significant decisions withgreat joy.


Countries of ancient civilizations and cultureswere given opportunitiesto take care of their homelands and develop their economies at their will.


Three years later, everything changed. The Russian Red Army trampled the borders of Georgia and Azerbaijan; red flags were flown in Baku and Tbilisi. Those were the hardest years. Since then, quite a long period has passed, and Azerbaijan and Georgia have been worthy members of the world community for decades.


BST’s personnel were able to get familiar with a photo exhibition dedicated to the National Holidays of Independence of Azerbaijan and Georgia. The presentation consisted of a short collage describing those historical events; also presented were the achievements attained by Azerbaijan and Georgia. 


We would like to congratulate the Georgian and Azerbaijani people on their respective days marking independence.


Azerbaijan marks 92nd anniversary of National Leader Heydar Aliyev 


The golden age of Azerbaijan is tightly linked with President Heydar Aliyev. During his governance, the country pushed forward at an increasingly high speed, resulting in greatly-improved living conditions for average citizens. His greatest development came with Azerbaijan’s oil industry, which led the country to one of the foremost position on the international stage.


President Aliyev is a politician of world importance, and has never forgotten about his people and served the country with an incredible tirelessness and commitment. May 10th of 2015 is the day when people celebrate the 92nd anniversary of the great president’s birth.


The employees of Black Sea Terminal LLC had a chance to get acquainted with a video collection, presenting President Heydar Aliyev’s life and civic activities. Chief attention was given to the various reforms and projects he implemented in Azerbaijan, their outcome and importance. The traditional cooperation, friendship and brotherhood between Georgia and Azerbaijan was highlighted. President Aliyev, together with Georgia’s government gave birth to the modernity of a new era – not only in Azerbaijan and Georgia, but throughout the Caucasus. Aliyev is credited for the idea, as well as the implementation of arranging an energetic corridor, commonly known as the Baku-Supsa, Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil and Baku-Tbilisi-Erzurum gas pipelines.


After introducing the video collection, BST employees discussed the regional and international importance, and might of this great leader, and the necessity of continuing projects that have been successfully undertaken by Mr. Ilham Aliyev.


The main message of this activity was the idea that Georgia and Azerbaijan are strategic partners and our generation should do its best to push the relationships developed by the heads of our states to even higher levels.  


70 years have passed since the victory over fascism 



Peace is the virtue of civilization. War is its crime.

 – Viktor Hugo


Indeed, war is an event that freezes the time of history, and destroys everything made by humans.


Millions of people have died defending their countries and the dignity of people during World War II, and their names will forever live on. Among those names are 350,000 thousand Azerbaijanis and 300,000 Georgians. 


70 years have passed since that horrendous period. Day-by-day, those who have faced merciless, bloody and brutal days become fewer and fewer, and the years of pain and sorrow have remained forever in their memories.


Black Sea Terminal systematically cares for World War II veterans residing in the municipality of Khobi. The tradition continues this year too. During the event dedicated to 70th anniversary of World War II, our company representatives congratulated veterans on this significant day, wished them health, long life and informed them that as it has been in previous years, Black Sea Terminal will transfer monetary rewards to their bank accounts.


Each year, May 9th reminds us again that war and bloodshed, is evil, and makes us feel the value of peace.


*Note: Participant of World War II, Chief of the Committee of World War II Veterans residing in Khobi, Mr. Aleksandre Tskhadaia, contacted us and expressed his gratitude for the charity, noting thatalmost a century-old people are happy for the warm attitude and attention to war veterans systematically expressed by Black Sea Terminal LLC management.


23 years have passed since occupation of Shusha 



Twenty-three years have passed since Armenian armed forces occupied Azerbaijan's beautiful, ancient city of Shusha. Shusha, the cultural center and capital of the historical Karabakh Khanate, fell victim to Armenian aggression on May 8, 1992, when 290 sq. km of Azerbaijan's territory went to the control of Armenian forces. On this day, the Armenian army seized Shusha, killing and disabling hundreds of innocent Azerbaijani civilians, expelling the entire population of the town, and destroying, burning down and looting numerous cultural, religious and historical monuments. As a result of the occupation of Shusha, 195 civilians were killed, 165 others wounded, 22,000 displaced and 68 taken hostage by the Armenians. Their fate is unknown to this day.


Shusha was not just a paradise, but also a strategic military fortress. It was the most important military stronghold that Azerbaijan held in Nagorno-Karabakh. As a result of the occupation, a number of historical and cultural monuments in Shusha have been destroyed. These include 279 religious, 104 historical and cultural monuments: 7 pre-school facilities, 22 schools, cultural, agricultural vocational schools, 7 kindergartens, 8 houses of culture, 14 clubs, 20 libraries, 2 cinemas, 3 museums and a factory of Eastern musical instruments. The Shusha museum with over 5,000 exhibits was looted in 1992.


An official event dedicated to the occupation of Shusha was organized in Black Sea Terminal’s administrative building. The company’s ethnically diverse employees could see a photo exhibition depicting the horrendous events of those tragic days. A documentary was also shown. 





Easter is the most important holiday in the Christian world. It is celebrated on the day of the vernal equinox (day and night are equal) the next week after the full moon. For this reason the exact date was not fixed. Easter is a day full of hope and great joy, because it is a celebration of the victory of life over death – kindness over evil, and the holiday of spiritual development.


Great traditions are associated with the Easter celebration. Among them is the tradition of painting eggs in red. However, Easter eggs may be painted in various colors; still the main color is red. Traditionally, people greet each other with Easter cake and eggs painted red on green grass. Green grass is a symbol of new life, and red eggs on green grass means the victory over death. The main dish served at the Easter party is Easter cake.


Despite the national differences and religious beliefs of our employees, there is a tradition at our company that respects the culture of all people. This tradition is always abided by and honored.


Black Sea Terminal LLC celebrates Easter this year in its usual manner. The traditions that are tightly linked to this day were introduced to the company’s multilingual team.


The entire Kulevi Oil Terminal team would like to wish all who celebrate Easter, peace, happiness and success both in their private and professional lives.


9 April - the pain and dignity of Georgia 



9 April of 1989 disturbed all people of Georgia. Soviet authorities brutally dispersed protesters of independence and freedom in Georgia. Georgia has never been such an unshakable and unanimous in country’s recent history. At that terrible night 21 people were killed; most of them were young people.


Of course, it was clear that it was the way to freedom. Therefore this day will always be special day. Here are connected to each other relief and pain, victory and defeat, but the biggest and most important thing that happened - it was self-awareness.


9 April had huge consequences - the country became independent. On 9 April 1991, the President of Georgia Zviad Gamsakhurdia and the Supreme Council, declared the restoration of its independence, the country has begun to move towards full independence.


9 April is truly painful day of happiness. On this day, our country made first big steps toward independence and all people have the honor truly dignify those people who have donated their lives for the country.  


Black Sea Terminal LLC administration organized a meeting to remember the importance of this tragic day and honored the spirits of those, who died on 9 April. During the presentation company employees got acquainted with the details of this tragic day and could view photos of this historical event. 


Cultural heritage preservation 



Georgia has a rich history. The region of Georgia today referred to as Samegrelo, was known by different names throughout history: Kolkheti, Egrisi, Lazika, Odishi and Mingrelia. This region had strategic importance. Huge empires fought against each other in this region of Georgia. Powerful armies including the Roman, Byzantine, Mongol, Turk, Persian, and Russian armies invaded the region many times.


Kulevi Oil Terminal is located in the area of the Samegrelo region where the first port city – Redoubt Kale was situated. Scientists and scholars are still researching the historical monuments and documentary sources regarding this area. They are also surveying the adjacent cultural and educational centers of Khobi and the Poti Eparchy. They are interested in issues like the development of agriculture and land utilization, the usage of natural resources, and the spiritual and political life of the population.


Taking into consideration the value of the mentioned issues for the Samegrelo Region and for the history of Georgia as a whole, the traditions, and the mutual respect between the Georgian and Azerbaijani people, our company supported the request of the Khobi and Poti Eparchy and financed the publishing of a book that contains a unique map of historical monuments and research materials on 250 surnames of the people living in this region. This unique map of more than 300 historical monuments located on the territories of the Khobi and Poti Eparchy, provides scientists, students and all interested parties with precise, accurate and detailed information about each monument.


Black Sea Terminal LLC is glad to make a contribution and be a part of such a historical project.



Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day 



You know spring is coming by the national celebration of two beautiful days: March 3 (Mother’s Day) and March 8 (International Women’s Day). Both days are observed as holidays by the Constitution of Georgia. These two days are noted for the gratitude, warmth and true love shown to the women they celebrate. The word ‘mother’ is a kind of miracle; the celebration of Mother’s Day is symbolic of the great respect to the cult of the mother. March 8 – International Women’s Day is also significantly celebrated, and is associated with approaching the smell of spring and the beginning of new life.


BST adheres to the principle of equal rights and provides opportunities for all employees regardless of sex. The women of BST are employed in management, middle-management, and various other positions, and perform their duties at the same high level as their male colleagues do.


Our company has traditionally congratulated all female employees during these special holidays and recognizes their valuable contribution to the company, as well as their integral role to its success. Finally, we would like to wish all of our hardworking women great success in their future endeavors, and express our appreciation for their excellent work! 


Khojaly Tragedy – National Day of Mourning in Azerbaijan 



The Khojaly Genocide, which includedinhumane acts perpetrated against innocent civilians, brutally killings, and other savage atrocities conducted by Armenian militants in Khojaly, are some of the most terrible crimes perpetrated against humanity in the history of mankind. 23 years has passed since 1992 when the Khojaly Tragedy occurred. According to the official data of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 613 civilians were killed including 106 women, 63 children and 70 elderly; 487 people were wounded, 1,275 civilians were taken hostage, and the fate of 155 people is unknown. Horrendous photos were taken about this event and shocked the whole world. Brutal atrocities committed against innocent civilians was a black spot in the history of mankind.


An official event dedicated to the Khojaly genocide was organized at Black Sea Terminal LLC. Company employees could view photo exhibitions dedicated to Khojaly tragedy demonstrating the horrendous events of those tragic days. The documentary photos depicting the inhumane, barbaric, and disgraceful acts of violence caused the great sorrow and indignation. Among the visitors of the photo exhibition, an interesting conversation was held. There was a mutual exchange of opinions about the national and spiritual worries of the Azerbaijani nation, the terrible consequences of war and bloodshed.  


Some company employees participated in the event dedicated to 23rd Anniversary of the Khojaly tragedy, which was organized by the General Consulate of Azerbaijan Republic in Batumi.




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