Range of tasks solved by Safety Team


There is a standard set of tasks that are conducted by the safety team. The safety team monitors to ensure that company staff fulfill the requirements of the safety guidelines, ensures compliance to the active legislation and other regulations of the Work Safety of Georgia and foreign regulatory procedures. The safety team is also involved in the organization of preventive measures to mitigate the occurrence of occupational injuries, illnesses, and diseases caused by production factors. In addition, the safety team has taken steps to improve the overall working conditions. The HSE department acts as a consultant, making work safety issues clear to employees of BST Terminal and organizes the implementation of best practices in this area. Since the beginning of 2013, the HSE Department initiated an internal training program on the internal procedures of BST Terminal. The training program aims to increase the knowledge and improve the quality of the work in compliance with work safety rules, resulting in the BST work process being at the same level of the leading companies.


In addition, the BST Safety Team offers Internal BST Safety Operation System training for its 10 employees who will now be Safety Representatives in their respective departments and will take part in the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality management system of the terminal.


The training course covered the main BST procedures, instructions and risk assessments - that are part of the management systems implemented. They are maintained and continuously improved in accordance with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.


Employees will combine a new role along with their direct responsibilities; they will take part in risk assessment and incident investigation processes, control the participation of employees in the Safety Observation Cards system, provide all necessary information about safety practices to their colleagues, as well as notify management about facts of violation of the company’s HSE and Quality policies.


New Safety representatives are the key to a more effective compliance with all rules and standards, on both the local and international level.


Additionally the Leadership/Office Safety meetings that take place at BST are conducted monthly and are attended by management and office personnel. The personnel was familiarized with the lessons learned from past incidents; the contexts of BST Safety Observation Cards were reviewed and analyzed, as well as the departments’ statistics. Employees have also been refreshed on Occupational Safety knowledge by viewing a safety video presentation.


Joint Site Inspection issues were revised and additional participants were selected for its conducting. The conduction of leadership meetings is very important and has produced effective results for the timely prevention and elimination of any hazardous and unsafe situation at BST.


                                                 Safe Way Is the Best Way




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