Health Team protects and supervises health of employees of Kulevi Oil Terminal.


Reception of patients and injured persons in Medical station for first aid manipulations is organized. Due to remote location of the Terminal from medical centers and number of personnel employed this was the best solution to eliminate loss of time during emergency actions. The ambulance car is equipped with all necessary arrangements for first aid and emergency response. 


Health Team cooperates with the insurance company in the process of medical examination of employees and candidates for employment. Medical certification and recertification is organized and monitored in accordance with Georgian law and requirements of HR department. Medical checkup of divers before underwater operations and terminal drivers is also carried out. 


Health Team is actively involved in the implementation of Drug and Alcohol Abuse policy through conducting random Alco tests and Alco tests in suspicious incidents. 


The drinking water at Kulevi Oil Terminal is monitored by the control of organoleptic parameters, daily analysis in the Terminal laboratory and regular research in external accredited testing laboratories. The health team doctors ensure the timely arrangement of all necessary measures to keep drinking water in accordance with the sanitary requirements under Georgian law.  


Special attention is paid to food hygiene. The Health Team permanently supervises and controls sanitary and hygiene condition of canteen facilities and their employees, food product quality, condition and time of their storage, food preparation process. The Health Team also controls energy value of the food and sufficiency of calories in the food, taken by employees. Sanitary inspections of work places are conducted regularly, and their compliance to the Work Hygiene norms is monitored.


Health Team regularly carries out trainings for employees of Kulevi Oil Terminal and contractors to improve knowledge of sanitary norms and first aid skills.



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