Welder training & certification

The training and certification process is an integral part of Kulevi Oil Terminal.


Recently, in coordination with Welders Society Ltd., one of the leading companies of Georgia, a training certification and recertification program was organized for the welders of Kulevi Oil Terminal. The training covered a wide range of welding types and was followed by a practical session and an assessment. 


The training session stressed the importance of safety and the use of protective gear, which was followed by theoretical session which included the introduction and familiarization to various definitions and terms, most common misnomers, electric shock, fumes, stick welding, joint preparation, electrode selection, technical drawing and architectural drafting.


Practical training followed and focused on the handling of cylinders, setting up welding equipment, handling the welding torch, attaching hoses to torches and regulators, lighting-up and shutting down system. Participants were asked to weld and cut different types of metals and were later assessed on their work. Those who completed the training successfully received certificates.

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