Internal Waste Management training at BST

BST management system standards require employees to receive awareness training of the environmental issues related to their job. Environmental trainings are the continual strategy process of improving BST employee’s awareness and adherence of ISO 14001. On December 7th HSSEQ Department conducted “Internal Waste Management” training for BST related employees.


During the internal training, the following issues have been discussed:

a) What are environmental protections measures and why it is so important for our health and safety?

b) Identification of environmental aspects and impacts and how to manage them;

c) What is waste, classification of hazardous and non-hazardous waste by types;

d) Discussion of waste hierarchy (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle methods);

e) All the participants are being familiarized with Georgian and International Waste management legislation.

f) How to handle with waste on healthy and safe manner.


All the participants of the training could improve and increase their knowledge in these directions: a) handling hazardous and non-hazardous waste (following health and safety guidelines, keeping dangerous waste secure); b) collecting waste (storing it safely, sorting it for recycling); c) implementing environmental management systems (improving overall processes in order to reduce waste and lessen your environmental impact); d) a basic understanding of environmental issues; e) environmental policies, objectives and targets; f) environmental aspects and impacts etc.


Conducting training in managing or minimizing waste can help the employees identify ways to improve the existing practices. Internal training informs and motivates the attended staff, which in their turn can help increase the overall efficiency.


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