Recertification Audit at BST

Starting from 15 of November, 2022 during four days external auditors from international company INTERTEKconducted stage 2 - recertification audit of Black Sea Terminal Integrated Management System.


Main objective of the external audit was evaluation of compliance company processes with the requirements of applied international standards as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and implemented Management and Operational procedures.


External Audit covered all important operational and auxiliary processes:


  • Review of BST IMS policies, procedures, guidelines and etc.;
  • KPI reports;
  • Status of recommendations from previous external/internal audits;
  • Changes in external/internal issues that are relevant to the IMS;
  • Performance and effectiveness of the IMS, including trends in;
  • Results of evaluation of compliance with legal/other requirements;
  • Monitoring and measurement results;
  • Performance of external providers;
  • Opportunities for improvement and etc.



Black Sea Terminal Management System was found to be fully effective and there are not non-conformities were issued.


Black Sea Terminal fulfilled all recommendations given during the previous surveillance audit and demonstrated strong ability of improvement and development of its Integrated Management System.


Black Sea Terminal is committed to continuous improvement of company processes for even better compliance with International Management System standards. 


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