Winter Season Preparation

Preparation of process and utility systems to the seasonal changes is one of the main issues to be considered during operation of the oil and gas terminal. Considering this Kulevi Oil Terminal performs necessary preparation works in annual basis, which ensures the safe and reliable operation of the company’s assets during the cold months. The selection of suitable maintenance tasks that consider many factors – especially an ambient temperature, process dead legs, freezing content, equipment and pipelines condition – is of vital importance in this process.


As internal part of winter preparation recently specialists of the company completed preventive maintenance of steam boilers. All furnaces and water tanks of the steam boilers have been opened, cleaned and inspected as per preventive maintenance plan. After completion of the maintenance works steam boilers have been pressure tested and operated to verify their correct functioning. Besides steam boilers, company specialist performed also full cleaning and inspection of deaerator tanks, condensate tanks, exhaust pipe chambers and water treatment filters.


Considering that most of process pipelines are heated with heating lines via steam/ hot water supply, all such pipelines have been inspected and pressure tested and corrective maintenance works have been completed to eliminate identified deficiencies.


In line with preparation works performed in utility systems necessary preventive maintenance works have been performed on process equipment like heat exchangers, which are used for circulation, heating and discharge of products with high pour point temperature. All heat exchangers have been inspected and tested for identification of deficiencies and necessary actions have been implemented for their full preparedness for winter season.


Black Sea Terminal has been taking proactive measures by efficiently planning and scheduling maintenance activities to ensure the continuity of operations. Every year this process has become more nuanced and inclusive, taking into consideration the experiences and lessons learned from previous years.

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