Training in geodesy

Usually, the production processes of Black Sea Terminal are significantly diverse, and the main support for their effective management is high-class infrastructure and qualified personnel. Sometimes there arise tasks that require the expansion and/or modernization of the infrastructure and creates the necessity of various types of construction and repairing work. Therefore, in order to perform geodetic works on time and efficiently, the company needs to have a certified, highly qualified specialist, who will have qualified knowledge of the latest methodologies and standards in the field of geodesy.


Recently, our company organized certification for the employee to obtain the qualification of surveyor. Theoretical and practical classes were devoted to the following topics:


ü  Checking and inspection of optical and laser notes and electrical recordings;

ü  Location and structure’s surveying through optical and electronic tachometer;

ü  Determine the location of the point with GPS tools;

ü  Able to conduct laser distance measurement;

ü  To move an AutoCAD topographic map to a computer program and create a topographic map.


Black Sea Terminal training plan and development is continuous, since the main principle of the company activity is to manage production processes at the level of international standards based on the high professionalism and qualifications of employees. The process is continuous and gives employees the opportunity to feel motivated and ultimately reflect the results of the achieved knowledge and qualifications in indicators of labor efficiency.

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