Steam Boiler Operators Training

Employee training at Black Sea Terminal is a continuous process, and we aim to have a well- trained and efficient staff.  


In order to ensure the safety of production processes in the company, an important topic is the certification of the steam boiler operators. Therefore, once again Steam boiler operators training was planned. It was conducted for those employees who will have to work with steam boilers in the future. If employees working on steam boilers do not have a deep understanding of the mentioned subjects, they may put themselves as well as others’ lives in danger. Accordingly, the main aim for providing this training was to educate the steam boiler operators efficiency, safety and compliance, to increase the competence of the steam boiler operators.


The course was provided by Georgian Technical University, after the training session, the employees were assessed on what they learned and then certified as competent steam boiler operators. Those who participated in the training received a certificate for the period as per the legislation of Georgia.


As the new circumstances arise, Black Sea Terminal is ready to plan trainings to ensure safe work processes for the personnel.


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