Annual complex audit at BST

On 25 October 2021 an annual complex audit was conducted at terminal port facility. The audit was conducted according to the approved yearly plan by the Audit Team of Maritime Transport Agency of Georgia. The main purpose of the visit was:

1)    to observe the level of Security/Safety at terminal port facility;

2)    evaluation of compliance of company processes with the requirements of applied international standards as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001;

3)    discuss the recommendations from last audit;

4)    finding opportunities for improving and give additional recommendations for strengthen the system and etc.

In the beginning of the visit, a meeting was start from BST introduction issue and held with the participation of terminal management and audit team members to discuss the various aspects of Security/Safety at BST.

After the meeting audit team members visited to terminal port facility. During the site visit audit team members have been introduced to the Security and HSE Procedures that are implemented at the all sites of the terminal. These included Terminal Entry Procedure, Port Regulation, Emergency Response, Quality and HSE Procedures and so on. The guests stated that the procedures and plans implemented were in compliance with the applicable Local and International Standards and appreciated that company management considers the issues of Security and Safety to be its highest priority.

As a result of these efforts, it is ensured that: the BST procedures and plans are always up to date and strictly followed, port facilities are always equipped with the relevant equipment’s and tools, fire-fighting system is in proper working condition and safety, restricted and prohibition signs are always updated and in place.

Security/Safety of the Port facility and overall Terminal has been the one of the most essential priorities of the Black Sea Terminal throughout the years, and every suggestion and recommendation received in this direction represents valuable opportunity to further increase in Terminal’s Standards and is vital for its Constant Development.

On its behalf, company management expressed its appreciation to the Maritime Transport Agency for their visit, which contributes to the sharing of good practices and experiences.

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