Annual cleaning works of industrial water treatment system

Industrial water treatment system of Kulevi Oil Terminal consists of complex of ponds for rainwater settlement, 2 units of sludge tanks of rainwater drainage, treatment facilities with capacity of 80m3/hr, oil collector, and equipment for dewatering the sediments from sludge tanks, pond of treated water and sludge collector.


The treatment water is disposed to the pond of clear water with capacity of 2000m3 and after the quality control is discharged to the river Tsiva through the scattering outlet.


Recently an annual cleaning works have been carried out. Walls and the bottom of the rainwater settlement ponds were cleaned from sludge and preventive maintenance of its equipment (sewage lift stations) was carried out.  Sludge tanks of rainwater sewage were opened, cleaned and inspected for integrity using NDT techniques. Floating skimmers of the tank were inspected and maintained.


In addition to the abovementioned, in frames of the Management of Change (MOC) program several modernization projects will be implemented in order to improve the efficiency of the industrial water treatment system at Kulevi Oil Terminal.      


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