Contractor Performance Evaluation

Contractor performance evaluation is a standardized, systematic, and objective assessment of a contractor’s performance on a specific contract.


The purpose of evaluating contractor performance is to enable companies to judge whether the contractor has performed the work to a high standard, met the company requirements, and whether it is worth engaging them for future projects. This process makes avoid less informed decisions in the future and holds contractors accountable for their performance.


Black Sea Terminal has implemented the contractor performance evaluation process and specific evaluation forms are filled semi-annually. Following are the criteria which should be met by contractors and each criterion is assigned a score:

  • Health, Safety and Environmental issues
  • Goods/ Service quality
  • Management issues
  • Planning and Delivery activities
  • Skills and competency
  • Price of goods and services
  • Documentation issues
  • Communication, etc.


Results of the evaluation process are discussed during Management Review Meeting, and corrective actions are set in force if any non-compliance is revealed in the contractor’s performance. The information on the evaluation results and the corrective actions are communicated to the relevant contractors and how they manage to improve is also the subject to evaluation process.

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