Internal Floating Roofs

Emission of oil product vapors from the storage tanks have been one of the important issues in oil industry both in terms of environmental protection and related product loss. Modern technologies offer a range of products that are perfectly suited to deal with these challenges.  One of those technologies, have been successfully implemented for years at Kulevi Oil Terminal, in particular, application of Nitrogen Pillows - filling the internal space of the storage tank above the liquid with nitrogen.


Moreover, starting form 2018, storage tanks for storage of light oil products were equipped with Internal Floating Roofs (IFR). The purpose of the IFR is to cover the major part of the liquid surface with seal made of aluminum sheets and composite materials in order to reduce the emission of oil product vapors up to 98%.


As part of the environmental strategy, and continuation of the above mentioned IFR program, recently, the project of IRF for storage tank No21 has been commenced.  In frames of the project, specialists of the manufacturing company were invited to perform the installation works together with terminal’s qualified staff.

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