Electricians of Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas industry is just not about drilling, transporting and realization of products. Each and every section of the industry has a very important role to play, especially electrical section playing a major role in ensuring efficient and safe operation.


Considering the importance of electrician’s job, one has to mark that they are a category of employees who should receive special training and be certified to perform their job efficiently and safely.  Black Sea Terminal it is always ensured that irrespective of their experience or qualification all the electrician technicians are provided with formal training yearly and certified through assessment. Thus recently a particular group of electricians working on high voltage electrical equipment’s were recertified.  


The main aim of this assessment was to ensure that the participants are able to perform electrical maintenance-related processes and apply proper engineering practices while ensuring safety and compliance with the company’s regulations, coordinate with and update the supervisor about maintenance and repair procedures and a disaster recovery plan to combat risks of equipment breakdowns,  integrate company requirements by carrying out preventative maintenance to the equipment and electrical systems, perform an inventory check of tools, parts, and consumables related to electrical equipment maintenance, report any misuse of electrical equipment’s and systems to the maintenance supervisor, usage and wearing of safety gear and equipment in compliance with company policies at all times, implementing routine checking of all electrical equipment’s, tools, and instruments and also to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met.

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