Oil Industry Workers Day

There are a number of important professions which are of great importance and which has played a major role in the development of various countries and for better socioeconomic status of its population.  Among the most important one’s, oil industry professionals has a major position as it is distinguished from other professions for its complexity and laboriousness and involves a large group of employees.  


To honor the people of Oil Industry, September 20th every year is marked as the Oil worker’s day following the signing of the decree called the “Contract of the Century” by the leader of Azerbaijan and its people – President Heydar Aliyev and it is still unequivocally credited as a corporate celebration of successful oil workers - recognition and appreciation of their hard work and results accomplished.


As always, this year too Black Sea Terminal followed its corporate tradition of celebrating this important day of September 20th.  On this day, a large group of employees were honored for their work by awarding cash bonuses and letters of appreciation for their contribution towards the development of the company. It is for their hard work, that the company has significantly expanded its cargo turnover to receive and offload various oil products as well as introduce a number of new projects to meet the requirements of international standard. It is noteworthy how the management specially dedicated the current achievements of the company to its employees and how the employees should continue their work with the same attitude and commitment. It is also worth mentioning how the management would like to bring the present generation youth into oil profession, aiming the future development the company.


Let Black Sea Terminal LLC always be a leader among its rivals and each member of the team a worthy representative of the oil industry.

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