Marian B Hopper Dredger Engines Overhaul

Located at the Khobitskhali River mouth, continuous dredging in Kulevi port waters and its approach channel is very important to ensure port readiness for the acceptance of sea tankers. Dredging operations are performed by the Marian B Hopper, which is operated by Black Sea Terminal. For this reason, the continuous availability and proper exploitation of the vessel must be ensured at all times.


All preventive maintenance activities undertaken by the Marian B. Hopper dredger are included in the Computerized Maintenance Management System and preventive maintenance actions are performed regularly.


Since 2018 the company has implemented several important modifications and modernizations of the vessel’s equipment and machinery. Such modernization includes the replacement of the vessel’s old main and auxiliary engines, the installation of a new control system, which is integrated into a PLC system where all parameters can be monitored in real-time and all protections are initiated automatically. Additionally, new navigational equipment and maps were installed, which contributes to the safety of navigation during dredging work.


As an integral part of the preventive maintenance activities of the main engines, 6000 hours overhaul of the main engines has been recently performed by the company’s qualified specialists. During preventive maintenance work, all engine parameters and elements have been found in good working condition.

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