Work time management

One of the most important components of a modern business is the effective management of employee work time, which includes the efficient use of hired labor, an increase in labor productivity, timely and high-quality performance of work, efficiency of results, and the achievement of planned technical and economic indicators. All of the above directly depends on how the work time is managed, in particular, how well the work time is used by employees and what are the losses.


Since its inception, Black Sea Terminal has paid considerable attention to the use of work time, thus making it possible for employees to:  


• Actively develop a culture of efficient work time by employees

• Increase self-organization and personal responsibility

• Minimize absences for personal reasons


Black Sea Terminal has introduced a modern method of work time accounting. This process includes the processing of information on the use of working time by employees, along with detailed analyses and assessment of the facts for taking further measures.  The information collected through work time tracking is also used as the basis for the fair calculation of employee remuneration.


Years of experience by the company in accurate time-tracking analysis, the results obtained and the effective implementation of the appropriate action plans, result in the smooth management of the production cycle.


Black Sea Terminal will continue to actively work on issues related to work time accounting and contribute its maximum to the successful implementation of creative activities in accordance with the existing legal requirements and new challenges in the country.

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