Risk-based NDT Inspection of Terminal’s Facilities

Within the framework of the Integrity Management Strategy, Kulevi Oil Terminal is carrying out monitoring and inspection activities that ensure the facility remains fit to its purposes.


One of these activities is the continuous NDT inspection process, which involves various inspection (ultrasonic, x-ray, vacuum testing, magnetic particle testing, visual inspection) and monitoring techniques, data collection, analysis, reporting and corrective actions. In particular, storage tanks and pipeline systems, steel structures and separate equipment are covered by this process.


NDT inspection data of all storage tanks, which consists of inspection data of more than a 9 year period, are unified in the BST Storage Tank Inspection Register with complete technical inspection checklists attached for each storage tank system. Based on the data of the register, further inspection plans are being generated and corrective actions are being planned and executed. NDT inspection data of all process, utility and firefighting pipes is unified in a Risk-based Inspection Register of BST Pipeline Systems. Based on the actual corrosion rates, product groups and pipeline categories, the file generates plans for further inspections and defines the necessities for corrective maintenance for each pipeline system. Currently, the NDT inspection process is ongoing in accordance with the Risk-based Inspection Plan of 2021.

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