Testing Automatic Firefitgting System at BST

Black Sea Terminal use a fire detection and warning system (installation of various types of detectors and sensors) and an automatic fire extinguishing system (AFS) to ensure the fire safety of the terminal. The AFS consists of two parts:


- Foam fire extinguishing system

- Water cooling system.


To keep the AFS in constant preparedeness, these systems undergo periodic maintenance, test runs of pumps with a check of the extinguishing and cooling devices. One of the most important conditions for the operability of the AFS is the state of automation. For this purpose, the following tests are carried out twice a year:


Stage 1: The state and operability of remote drives of pumps and valves, as well as all related elements;

Stage 2: The operation of the automatic fire extinguishing system in a full cycle, which includes the following operations:


- signal flow

- activation of fire pumps

- activation of extinguishing and cooling devices.


At the same time, the quality of the foam, the condition of pipelines and water-foam fittings are checked. All identified shortcomings are promptly eliminated during testing.


Based on the test results, the appropriate acts are drawn up, which are certified by members of the test commission.

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