Employee Individual Development Plan

Employee Individual Development Plan (EIDP) at Black Sea Terminal LLC is considered one of the most important steps taken by an organization to assist employees in their careers and personal development, which helps the employee to acquire new knowledge and attain meet their short and long-term career goals, thus increasing productivity of the company.


Individual Development plan being an important platform for managing the professional development of an employee in every organization it is not new to Black Sea Terminal LLC as well and gives utmost importance to the process. The process been implemented in the terminal since a long time is one of the active, integral procedure is taken very seriously by the management and the employee. 


The EIDP procedure plan starts by getting the opinion or idea of the employee about their short and long term goals and how these goals meet the working needs of the department as well as any potential role the employee would be interested in the future. Based on the information provided by the employee the management gets an understanding about the position of the employee and the areas in which the employee needs to be trained or developed in.  Accordingly, is prepared and arranged the developmental goals and needs of the employee through internal, external, on the job trainings, coaching, self-development etc. These are arranged keeping in mind the requirements of the employee and how it will benefit them. Once the trainings are completed, additional job responsibilities are given to the employee based on which the performance monitoring is conducted.


The performance review of the employee is conducted twice a year and during the review any necessary suggestions and measures for improving the performance is made as well as appreciation if performed well. In case of goal not attained during initial performance monitoring, coach will try to understand the reason and help the employees in reaching the goal. An employee who is focused on developing his own skills and knowledge and whose main motivator is professional development will always achieve the goal and will grow professionally.


The success of the program is evident by the involvement of the energetic and enthusiastic employees specially chosen by the management of Black Sea Terminal LLC in accordance with their capabilities, competency, and dedication, those who have made remarkable contribution and have an urge for success. The significance of this program is that in case of a vacant position, the management can easily fill the position with any of those qualified mid-level management employees who have successfully been involved in the development plan and thus reduce the pressure of external recruitment and avoid the adaptation process to the new job.  This is why the Individual employee development plan is ongoing continuously and will continue to be so.


Black Sea Terminal constantly supports and encourages employees based on the priorities of their activities and ensures to give them the feeling that the company is always with them for any support needed for the development of their career and will always be proud of their professional achievements.

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